What is a Buyer's Agent?

A Buyer's Agent is a licensed real estate professional who specialises in sourcing, evaluating and negotiating a property purchase on behalf of a client. Much the same way as a Sales Agent helps you to sell a property, a Buyer's Agent advocates for people buying property. Buyer's Agents are engaged independently of any selling agency and are paid a fee for advice by the buyer. Property investing can be very complex and the property market is an unforgiving beast. With high acquisition and disposal costs associated with property, "flipping" a bad investment is a very stressful and expensive lesson to learn. A good Buyer's Agent can not only help you avoid making these costly mistakes but provide expert advice on generating wealth through property investment.

The main benefits to using a Buyer's Agent include:

  • Saving time and money in searching for properties for sale.
  • Assist in understanding the complexities in the buying process.
  • Having a trusted advocate for advice and support.
  • Levelling the playing field for negotiations on price and terms.
  • Providing access and interpretation of market research and data not readily available to the public.
  • Remove the stress by having one experienced professional coordinate the entire process on your behalf.

Zuu Property are a team of experienced professionals who provide tailored property investment advice with fully integrated buyer's agent, finance and rental management services. Our Buyer's Agents know all the tricks of the trade and will level the playing field with Selling Agents and Vendors to negotiate the very best price and terms. Our research backed approach to identifying investment grade properties puts a level of science behind asset selection giving you the best possible chance of selecting a solid performing long term investment.