Our 4 step approach to building wealth through property.

It's no secret that property investing has long been considered as a highly effective investment strategy for building long term wealth and passive income for retirement. It might surprise you that despite the financial capability of many Australians, less than 8% of the population own an investment property and only 1.4% own two or more. The fact is that for many Australians property investing is either too daunting or there has been a negative experience for those that were brave enough to go it alone. 


What if we told you there is an easier way. 

Property investing doesn't have to be difficult and you can dramatically improve your chances of success. The secret is simple; successful property investors partner with professionals who help establish, grow and manage their property portfolios. Why take the risk of making a bad investment? Zuu Property can provide you with independent property investment advice with fully integrated buyer's agent, finance and rental management services to achieve your property goals and wealth aspirations. 


Property advice is only for the rich right?

Wrong! For many people buying property is the biggest investment of their lives; I mean you’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, can you really afford to get it wrong? Zuu's professional fees represent a fraction of the overall investment however could make a massive difference to the performance of your investment portfolio.


Our 4 step approach.

Our simple 4 step approach will help you plan and develop your successful property portfolio.  If your thinking of investing in property contact us first to find our how partnering with Zuu can improve your chances of investment success. Our first appointment is absolutely free. 


The first step to being a successful property investor is working with Zuu to evaluate your current financial position and exploring your future property goals and wealth aspirations.  You might be a seasoned investor or new to investing and looking for your first property, using our Portfolio Planning Tool your Zuu Buyer's Agent will help you establish a clear set of investment objectives taking into to account your personal circumstances and investment capabilities. 

Benjamin Franklin's famous quote "if you fail to plan you are planning to fail" rings ever so true in property investment. All to often we see investors impulse buying property, thinking that any property they purchase is going to increase in value. Unfortunately this isn't true, the property market is a unforgiving environment, often resulting in disappointment for the investor. Strategically planning your property investment journey is the key to achieving your wealth outcomes. Your Zuu Buyer's Agent will work with you to develop a tailored Property Portfolio Plan which works through the 6 fundamentals to building a successful property investment strategy including the all important cash flow analysis and lending strategy. 

With your plans in place and finance approved your Zuu Buyer's Agent will conduct an extensive search of properties in your target locations and narrow down a selection for you to consider. Zuu Property has developed a stringent criteria for validating investment grade assets and will provide you with our comprehensive Market Comparison Report and Purchase Appraisal Report to ensure your decision to acquire a property is backed by research and aligned with your investment strategy. As a licensed Buyer's Agent we will act on your behalf, using our industry knowledge and experience to level the playing field and negotiate a successful purchase. If you live interstate don't worry, the Zuu team will provide you with extensive reports, including photos and act as your representative right through to settlement. 

Zuu Property is your complete property investment partner with fully integrated Rental Management Services. Our Zuu Rental Managers will market your property for lease, source a quality tenant and provide ongoing management of your investment to the highest standard. Zuu's investor centric approach to property management ensures your investment continues to perform both in return and capital growth. 

Property investing is a long game; we’ll support you with a regular Portfolio Review to ensure you are maximising returns and protecting yourself from risk. Managing a property portfolio is like managing a business; a regular review of personal circumstances, strategy, rental income, asset maintenance, financing, cash flow, risk mitigation and future investment opportunities are crucial to ensuring the best performance or your portfolio. Zuu will help you interpret these factors so you can make informed decisions regarding your property portfolio and wealth creation strategy.