There just had to be a better way!

by Paul Maraia



There just had to be better way! - I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

As a finance specialist I’m incredibly fortunate to have spent a number of years helping everyday Australians achieve wealth through property. Being able to influence people's lives and create a financially rewarding outcome makes what I do extraordinary. But the truth is I don’t always see success. In fact more often than not I see unsuspecting clients blindly following the investment advice of sales agents or enthusiastic “know-it-alls”, only to later regret the decision. I’m not by any means having a go at sales agents, they do a wonderful job, but they are representing the Seller’s best interest – whose looking out for the Buyer?

 Selecting the right investment grade property, in the right location, that compliments your property portfolio strategy is key to investment success. For these unsuspecting buyers I often think “do they really understand the type of property they are purchasing” and “whose advice are they following”? Having been involved in hundreds of property transactions I can tell you the answer to these two questions is often concerning.

 For the most part people have the right intentions and understand that investing in property is an excellent vehicle to achieve long term wealth and passive income. However every day I see people impulsively buying property, thinking that any property they buy is going to deliver them a financial benefit. What they don’t realise is the property market is an unforgiving beast and consideration should be given to an extensive number of factors before making a purchase. People confuse “searching” with “researching” and lack comprehension of makes a good investment purchase.

 What happens when you make a bad investment decision?

 It’s unfortunate but bad decisions are made all too often with the investor blissfully unaware until it’s too late. Watching the toll that this has on people’s personal and financial lives got me thinking – there just has to be a better way?

What if we could create a service where we advocate for our clients to assist them in making smarter property investment decisions?

What if we could provide professional property advice and education that gives our buyers the advantage?

What if we could ultimately give people better understanding of their investment decisions through proper portfolio planning and cash flow analysis, tailored to their individual needs and circumstances?

I felt sure I could make a difference!

Fuelled with passion to help everyday people build wealth through property I’m proud to announce the launch of our new property investment services powered by Zuu Property. Zuu is your Queensland licensed real estate agency who is 100% focussed on representing the property buyer – not the seller. We are absolutely dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives by providing affordable, independent investment advice with integrated buyer’s agent, finance and rental management services. We are all the services that a property investor needs to invest in South East Queensland – right under one roof.

I look forward to sharing with you insights, knowledge and experiences of successful property investors with expert tips and Q&A’s on how to navigate the finance and property jungle.

For more information on how Zuu Property can assist you please visit our website or join the discussion in our facebook community Property Investing Chat Group


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