There just had to be a better way!

Paul Maraia, 10 August 2018

 As a finance specialist I’m incredibly fortunate to have spent a number of years helping everyday Australians achieve wealth through property. Being able to influence people's lives and create a financially rewarding outcome makes what I do extraordinary. But the truth is I don’t always see success. Read more

Buyers Equation - pick a property winner!

Paul Maraia, 22 August 2018

The concept of buying property seems fairly straightforward. You set a budget and then begin searching for the best value property you can find. But is it really that simple? The complexity begins when you have to make choices around which property attributes to favour at the sacrifice of others. Read more

Property (mis)Management 

Paul Maraia, 09 September 2018

One of the 6 key fundamentals to a successful property investment strategy is the ongoing management and maintenance of your properties. Effective property management ensures your property is occupied by the highest quality tenant, is maintained effectively and continues to perform.. Read more